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We now offer in house alterations! We can adjust your clothing to fit just perfectly whether it was purchased at the boutique or you’ve brought it from home.

Local designer Lex Brown would love to evolve your garments to better suit you. She offers alterations/repairs as a way to extend the life cycle of clothing. Professionally trained in fitting garments, tailoring, custom alterations, and garment repairs. She also runs her own clothing line, Neoteny Apparel.

Sewing Machine

Reach out today to book your fitting appointment with Lex!


Garment Repairs

We can most likely fix your broken garments, including zippers and patchwork!


Custom Alterations

Let us tweak your garments to fit you better, or better suit your style!


The Perfect Fix

We will work together to achieve

the best fit for you!


Long Lasting Style

Let’s evolve your garments to better suit you right now, making them last longer for you and the environment.

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