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Lex, Raquel, and Lateisha sitting on steps in front of a wooden door. They are all smiling and looking at the camera while posing.

meet the

reloved family

Hi there! We are the mother-daughter trio that own and operate The Reloved Boutique. We opened our business in 2020 and have since become a consignment destination in Hamilton. We have been thrifters our entire lives, and with us each having our own individual style, it allows us to curate an assortment where there is something for everyone!



How would you describe your style?

Most of the time I would say casual-chic. I love good basics and elevating them with simple accessories and footwear.

What do you love most about owning the boutique?

I love meeting everyone that comes in to shop, and getting to know a little about them each time! We have the best consigners and shoppers!

What do you love most about James Street North?

The location itself is amazing - we are so lucky to have our boutique surrounded by other small businesses including shops and restaurants. We are also right in the middle of where all the Artcrawls happen, and can't forget to mention Supercrawl! There is no where else in Hamilton I would rather have our boutique!

A photo of Lateisha standing in front of a large wooden door. She is wearing a white top, and blue pants, and smiling at the camera.
A photo of Lex in front of a large wooden door. She is leaning to the side, wearing a maroon button up, and smiling at the camera.


How would you describe your style?

My style exists within the streetwear category of clothing. It's relaxed (definitely comfortable and usually oversized, earthy with a pop of colour, with an emphasis on layering).

What is your favourite piece that you purchased from the boutique?

Ouuuu, it's hard to decide. I think that one of my first purchases was an earthy green wide leg jumpsuit, and I wear it so often! ◡̈

Morning person or night owl?

Depends on the day! I get more work done at night time, but I want to believe that I'm a morning person when I can manage to get up early enough!


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as very eclectic. I follow no fashion rules. It could be designer or not. I place a strong focus on sustainability, if it's comfortable and I feel good in it, then I will definitely be wearing it.

What do you love most about James Street North?

James Street North is a gem in Hamilton. It continues to evolve and get better. All the small businesses on the street collaborate together to make it a great location. The vibe during Artcrawls and Supercrawl is amazing!

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

I am already a superhero, heck all mothers are! I would love the power to teleport. Life is too short with too many things to get done. Imagine not having to wait to get somewhere? Oh! All the extra time we would have!

Raquel posed against a white brick wall. She is wearing a denim
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